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lifecare uk winter appeal 2019

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Click on an image to read about Lifecare UK's Christmas Eve Appeal 

The Winter Appeal officially began on Christmas Eve 2018, when we went into Bradford to hand out the winter packs and hot food which were funded by your kind donations. The distribution was a massive success because we was able to achieve everything we set out to do by providing homeless people with some comfort in the freezing cold weather. Along the way we were able to learn a lot from the homeless people we met, information like how Lifecare UK can help them in more of  a long term sense. Although distribution was completed on Christmas Eve, the Winter Appeal is still ongoing. We plan to to carry on caring for the Homeless people in need throughout Winter.

Our first distribution of Winter Packs and hot food was in Bradford, now the Lifecare UK team is going to distribute in Leeds. We are hoping to support as many homeless people as we possibly can, however we need your help to make this a reality. Your donations enable Lifecare UK to create and hand out the packs and hot food which in turn provides a homeless person with some much needed comfort throughout these cold winter months. We need your donations to keep the Winter Appeal going strong! 

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This winter Lifecare UK is hoping to help make a positive difference to as many homeless people as possible, but we need your help. Your donations will fund warm clothes for the homeless to make this cold winter a little more bearable. With our 100% donation policy all of the proceeds from the winter campaign go directly to the homeless so you can be sure your donation will be reaching those who are less fortunate. Help someone in need keep warm this Winter, a privilege we all take for granted and remind them they're loved. The cost of the pack is £35 per person. 

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  • In 2017 around 307,000 people in the UK were officially reported as homeless. That's 1/20 people homeless.

  • Approximately 4,751 people sleeping rough as of 2017 in England. That's a huge 169% increase from 2010.

  • 62% of single homeless people do not show up in the official homeless figures 

  • The average homeless person life span is 45 

  • Between 1st of Jan - 31st March 2018. Local authorities accepted 13,300 households as being statutorily homeless 

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Support our worthy cause and donate generously by dropping off cash or items at our Head Office; 2 Queen Street, Keighley, BD21 3DL or by bank transfer.

Royal Bank of Scotland 
Lifecare UK
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