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Bingley floods 2015
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On the 26th of December 2015 the LifecareUK team steered by CEO Amin Afsar distributed fast food donated from Bradford takeaways and restaurants to stranded Bingley victims who took up shelter at local community centres nearby.

Ramadan Iftar Fundraiser in aid of Rohingya Burmese 

This jam-packed event was enlightened by famous nasheed artist Abdullah Haqqani, who led the cake bidding competition. Presentations covered the oppression and famine in Gaza, Syria and Burma.

clean water tankers to Burmese refugee camps in India

LifecareUK was able to send emergency tankers to the Burmese in Jammu Jaipur, Mewat and Hyderabad for Ramadan.

Each tanker provided 8,000 litres of clean drinkable water. The cost of each tanker was £15.

Rohingya Burmese receive food packs for Ramadan
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Food packs were distributed to various camps across in India. Widows, elderly and children were able to enjoy their meals morning and evening in this sacred month. Each pack costs £15 and sufficed 5-7 people per house for over a month.

Medical Clinics for the Rohingya Burmese
Medical Aid for 100's of Rohingya refuge

Mobile clinics were set up in Mewat, Hyderabad and Jammu Jaipur where the refugees could get medical attention from qualified doctors.

The cost of setting a clinic was £250. Treatment cost per person was £1.

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This project began in 2006, it is one of the first ever Lifecare UK projects and one we are still very proud of today. It opened in 2009 with help from our partner charity Al - Noor Welfare Trust. Lifecare UK purchased the plot of land and began construction on a purpose built school and offices within the Orphanage. Hundreds of people have benefited greatly over the years from the facility whether it be from our medical services or our sports/ skills training as well as providing food and water.


Here at Lifecare UK our goal is simple,  help the less fortunate. Since being founded in 2006 we have completed many successful projects. In each of our projects we aim to provide either short term or long term help to the ones that need it. 

For example; short term relief would be providing food and shelter to a homeless person which could alleviate their current situation. Where as a long term solution would be providing the skills necessary for that same person to start a career and truly change their life for the better.

The short term and the long term solutions

Chakswari community Hospital 

The Chakswari community Hospital  was built for the poor and needy people in Kashmir. The project is funded by Lifecare UK and overlooked by our partner charity Al-Noor. The Hospital began construction in 2003 and its doors opened for use in 2005. Since its opening the Hospital has benefited over 1 million people and counting. It provides ESG, ultrasound, life saving drugs an ambulance service and a maternity ward. Completely free for the most vulnerable people. This was only made possible by your kind donations. 

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