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This is the largest welfare outlet in the area of Azzad Jammu and Kashmir. It provides free medicine and medical treatment to the poor and needy. Facilities such as Ultrasound, X-Ray, ECG machines are provided almost free of cost. Most important is the fact that the hospital serves the needs of the people around the clock. This all made possible by efforts of our donors at Lifecare UK who donated with hearts.

All patients are provided with medicine for two days free of charge. Life saving drugs to treat rabies and snake bites are also offered free of charge.

Our maternity section which opened in June 2009 has an excellent reputation in the local area.  Fees are waived for any patient who is unable to afford the costs.

  • OPD fee: PKR. 50/-
  • Ultra sound fee: PKR. 100/-
  • Delivery Fee: PKR. 2500/-
  • Medicines: Free
  • ECG: Free
  • Rabies and snake bite treatment: Free
  • Monthly patients figure: 5500/-

Hazrat Ayesha (RA) Memorial Hospital on Youtube