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What is Zakat?
The word Zakat means ‘purity’ or ‘to purify’ and it represents obligatory charity; all Muslims who are wealthy enough, must perform this charity in order to purify their wealth in the eyes of Allah (swt). In other words, since Allah blesses us with wealth it is therefore our duty to give back to those in most need, a test that if we pass will purify the rest of our wealth.
“Take from their wealth in order to purify them and sanctify them.” [Surah At-Taubah].
As one of the five pillars of Islam, Zakat is an obligation of all Muslims.
Who can benefit from Zakat?
1. The poor & needy – these people may have some wealth, but not enough to make up the nisab.2. The destitute – such people have nothing other than the very basic necessities; they are worse off than the poor.3. Those employed to collect the Zakat – this refers to those that collect as well as distribute the Zakat.4. To reconcile hearts – traditionally, this category was for new Muslims who after having become Muslim, faced extreme poverty due to their decision.5. To free slaves – this category does not apply as readily as it once did.

6. Those who are indebted, but unable to settle their debt.

7. Those struggling in the path of Allah.

8. Travellers who have run out of money and would therefore have no way of reaching their final destination without help.

Zakat cannot be used to build mosques, to bury the deceased, or to clear the debt of the deceased.


Please note: Zakat donations made via Paypal may be subject to Paypal fees (3.4% + 20p). We therefore recommend making your Zakat donation via an online account transfer using the account details below:

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Account Number: 40848093
Bank name and address:
Barclays Bank PLC
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International Transfers
Please use the following details to transfer donations to our account from outside the UK

Account name: Lifecare UK
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Please inform us via email info@lifecareuk.org or by phone 01274 370 998 of any transfers made.

It is important that you notify us whether your donation is for Zakat, Sadaqah or Lillah and also which project it is donated towards. Otherwise we will receipt it as Zakat in the Most Needed project/areas.